March 6, 2009

Pylot Version 1.21 Released - Open Source Web Performance Tool

I just did a release of Pylot, the open source web/http performance tool. You can download it here:

New features in Pylot 1.21:

  • new HTTP transport layer, using urllib2
  • new blocking mode (stdout blocked until test finishes, results are returned as XML)
  • added redirect following
  • re-implemented cookie handling
  • compatible with Python 2.6 for Windows
  • new HTTP debugging mode
  • new global config file
  • better message logging
  • misc bug fixes

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! Special thanks to:

  • Vasil Vangelovski
  • Adam Smith
  • Mark Ransom

Most testing was done on Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux 8.10.

If you have any problems to report, please post to the discussion forum at:


Raghu said...

This is Raghava, i started working with pylot on one application.
this tool is very good but writing the XML test cases is very difficult, can give me an advice to write the XML test case for back end proccess.

Actuvally, I want to test a back end server, for that i want to give some in put in some fields, and click on submit button.
To like this proccess how to write test cases.

Corey Goldberg said...

I have a forum setup for questions about Pylot. You can post over there for some help. thanks!