November 14, 2008

Does Pylot Run on Macs? Yup.

I had previously tested Pylot on various machines and OS's, including: Windows XP, Vista, Cygwin, Ubuntu, Eee PC.

Recently I got news that it also runs on Macs, and the GUI looks pretty damn good:

November 12, 2008

Get CPU Utilization from Remote Windows Machines with WMI

This is a little script that gets the CPU Utilization metric from a remote Windows machine. On multi-way or multi-core machines, it will return an average of all processors/cores.

To run this, you will first need to install the WMI module. Follow the instructions and get the download from here:

import wmi

def get_cpu(computer, user, password):
    c = wmi.WMI(find_classes=False, computer=computer, user=user, password=password)
    utilizations = [cpu.LoadPercentage for cpu in c.Win32_Processor()]
    utilization = int(sum(utilizations) / len(utilizations))
    return utilization

November 7, 2008

Pylot - 15 Tools to Help You Develop Faster Web Pages

15 Tools to Help You Develop Faster Web Pages

"Response times, availability, and stability are vital factors to bear in mind when creating and maintaining a web application. If you’re concerned about your web pages’ speed or want to make sure you’re in tip-top shape before starting or launching a project, here’s a few useful, free tools to help you create and sustain high-performance web applications."

Pylot makes the list :)