March 31, 2011

Performance and Scalability Testing with Python and Multi-Mechanize

I put together a slide-deck to help introduce Multi-Mechanize. I wanted something a little friendlier and easier to digest than "go read the project wiki". (It is also the basis of a presentation/talk I might give someday).

Hopefully, this will help people better understand what the project is all about.

March 22, 2011

linux-metrics - Python Package - System Metrics/Stats for Linux

I just released my Python package: 'linux-metrics'

linux-metrics contains Python modules for getting OS metrics on systems running the Linux (2.6) kernel. It is a pure python library with no external dependencies.

This project is under development, and nowhere near comprehensive. Only basic stats for major subsystems are provided (Processor/CPU, Disk, Memory, Network). Hopefully, more are coming.