February 24, 2009

Open Source Enterprise Monitoring Systems

I used Nagios for health/performance monitoring of devices/servers for years at a previous job. It has been a while, and I'm starting to look into this space again. There are a lot more options out there for remote monitoring these days.

Here is what I have found that look good:

Do you know of any others I am missing? I'll update this list if I get replies. The requirement is that there must be an Open Source version of the tool.


Anonymous said...

OpenNMS. Might be more than you need, but it's fully open source.

Anonymous said...

Opsview is another one

sysadim guy said...

We use nagios2 installed from ubuntu 804 package.

We are planing to update to nagios 3 wich is available in ubuntu 810.

There are some nice addons like http://www.nagvis.org/screenshots

The best asset for nagios in our case is that it's very easy to developp new plugins. We complement this with some centralized administrative tool which allow us to deploy new plugins or change parameters: cfengine (for *nix) or SCCM 2007 for MS.

Corey Goldberg said...

@sysadim guy:

yea I really like Nagios a lot. I developed the WebInject plugin for it to monitor websites. My plugin is pretty popular:

Still haven't tried Nagios 3 yet

Peter B. said...

I found the following slideshare presentation on monitoring systems very helpful


Also, dude, the webinject forum isn't working: e.g.


Gives an error

Unknown said...

Check out op5 as it's nagios on steroids :)

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