May 15, 2011

Ubuntu Developer Summit, Oneiric Ocelot

I just got back from UDS-O (Ubuntu Developer Summit, Oneiric Ocelot) in Budapest, Hungary. It was my first UDS, and my first time in Eastern Europe.

I was really worried that the time-change and jet-lag going to eastern Europe would mess me up. However, I felt really good the entire trip and adjusted almost instantly. My mood was good and I was ready to hack.

Some quick comments about the summit:

  • Budapest was fun and interesting, with beautiful weather and historic architecture.
  • The Ubuntu summit is a very well run event, where important decisions are made and work gets done.
  • Our Community rocks!
  • Ubuntu rocks!

I was able to attend a few UDS sessions throughout the week, but my main mission was an on-site sprint with my team at Canonical (ISD). Our team is globally-distributed, and this was my first chance to meet and work with all of them in person. While the entire summit was awesome, my most lasting memories will be of sitting crammed in a hot hotel room with a dozen of the finest hackers/colleagues I have ever worked with. As a new member to ISD, they made me feel welcomed and let me jump right in.

Can't wait until next UDS!