August 5, 2009

Segue/Borland/MicroFocus SilkPerformer - Who Owns It?

SilkPerformer is a popular performance and load testing tool. It has a confusing history and has bounced around between companies quite a bit. Here is where it came from and the current state of who owns it.

The history AFAIK:

  • Segue buys a product from some (scandanavian?) company and names it Segue SilkPerformer.
  • Borland buys Segue and names it Borland SilkPerformer.
  • Micro Focus buys Borland and name it Micro Focus SilkPerformer.

Right now it is a little confusing because Borland still lists it as a product. The acquisition of Borland just went through a few days ago and now Micro Focus has it listed on its site also. I would expect the Borland site to eventually disappear.

To make it even more confusing; Micro Focus also bought Compuware which had its own performance/load testing application. So now Micro Focus is marketing QALoad as well as SilkPerformer, which overlap in most functionality.

It will be interesting to see where this goes and what happens to the product lines.