September 22, 2008

Stack Overflow Needs More Pythonistas

Stack Overflow is a new community site for answering programming questions. It is very impressive to me, but there seems to be a very Microsoft (.NET, C#, etc) slant to the questions being asked.

It would be great to see more Python questions and answers over there. The one python related question I did ask was answered fabulously... so there are Python-heads reading and answering, but not posting very many questions.

Fellow Pythonistas, hop to it! Let's get a bigger Python presence over there.


Jesse said...

That site design makes my eyes bleed :(

Anonymous said...

I'm already using StackOverflow as zuber. Very impressive site, indeed!

Michael said...

Check out I have been watching python and php battle it out today. Silly metric? Sure. But its a slow day. :-)

Tonetheman said...

Gotta remember who did that site man, they are Microsoft lovers (though they would deny it). I would imagine that a lot of the content will come from their own tribes which would be microsoft heavy. It is a good idea. It will be interesting to see in the end if it becomes a sinkhole for mainly .net types. I do hope it works!

Phil said...

Maybe it's a sign that Python people are smart, clever and handsome and can figure it all out themselves
or that it's easier to use

Anonymous said...

>they are Microsoft lovers (though they would deny it)

Um, Coding Horror and Joel on Software's whuffie was established in careers supported by Microsoft and the mass momentum of Windows developers. They shouldn't deny it, although they'll wave the Pragmatic banner.

How is python faring against Ruby? (281) Java? (1,149) Perl(134), PHP (588) Holding it's own: 593.

IronPython and IronRuby are at 8 and 9, while silverlight is at 71.

Unknown said...

agreed way it's all .net folks still a very useful site nonetheless