September 11, 2008

Python Ruined Me

I've been programming almost exclusively in Python for the past 4 years or so. Occasionally I have to write code in C# or Perl.

After using Python:

  • Perl seems *so much* more confusing than I used to think it was.
  • C# with its static typing and forced OO feels like programming with a ball & chain on.

I love me some Python... but dammit... you ruined me.


Kent Johnson said...

Yes, the only downside to learning Python is that once you get good at it you won't want to program in anything else...

manuel moe g said...

I use a Python prototype as a sketch for the program in a different language. Much faster than trying to program directly in the other language.

On this same subject:

Phil Hassey: Watermelons for the iPhone / iPod Touch

"So when I port a game from python to something else, I’ve got the whole game concept down, so it’s fairly straight forward to switch to a static language like C. If say, the problem was not well defined, I suspect it would be harder to implement the games in C first. (I think my statement here was particularly true for porting Galcon to the iPhone.)"