June 4, 2012

History of Python - Development Visualization - Gource

I made a new visualization. Have a look!

History of Python - Gource - development visualization (august 1990 - june 2012)
[HD video, encoded at 1080p. watch on YouTube in highest resolution possible.]

What is it?

This is a visualization of Python core development. It shows growth of the Python project's source code over time (August 1990 - June 2012). Nearly 22 years! The source code history and relations are displayed by Gource as an animated tree, tracking commits over time. Directories appear as branches with files as leaves. Developers can be seen working on the tree at the times they contributed to the Python project.

Rendered with Gource v0.37 on Ubuntu 12.04

Chris Zabriskie - The Life and Death of a Certain K Zabriskie Patriarch

cpython 3.3.0 alpha, retrieved from mercurial on June 2 2012

for more visualizations and other videos, check out my YouTube channel.


Unknown said...

Very neat. What's the significance of the different node colours for the files? (I couldn't find anything relevant on the Gource site).

Corey Goldberg said...


afaik, the colors represent different types of files being worked on... based on file extension:

"files represented by coloured spheres (the colour coming from a hash of the files file extension) which are laid out in a spiral pattern around the center of the directory node they belong to."


gource is great eye-candy :)


Unknown said...

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