September 23, 2010

My Chrome Users Now Outnumber Internet Explorer (Traffic Stats)

I really like to analyze the traffic to my various websites (homepage, blog, project pages, open source code).

Since my visitors must be somewhat interested in what I post, I like to think they are *just* *like* *me*.

So... of course, my own personal web metrics are better than anything else out there :)
(to you they might be worthless, but to me they are gold)

I get a pretty steady stream of about 40k pageviews per month. In the past year, I've served a paltry half million pageviews. But hey, its a good enough sample size to work with, and pretty flattering to have attracted that many eyeballs.

Look what happened this past month:

(stats from aug_22_2010 - sept_21_2010)

Chrome visitors overtook Internet Explorer in site usage.

Here is how it has been playing out in the past year and a half:

(Notice my Firefox visitors are waning a little also.)

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