September 10, 2009

Web Page Profilers for Windows/Internet Explorer

A "Web Page Profiler" is a tool that is used to measure and analyze web page performance. It is usually implemented as a browser plugin or add-on, and lets you see performance of web pages/objects as they are transferred/loaded/executed/rendered.

For Firefox, choosing a profiler is a no-brainer. Firebug is an excellent developer tool that includes profiling capabilities.

Unfortunately, Firebug does not work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. There is Firebug Lite, which "can" work with IE, but it is limited in functionality and requires you to install some server side code (which is not always feasible).

There are some web profilers specifically for IE, but none of them live up to the functionality or stability of Firebug. Some to look at are:

... also, Internet Explorer 8 has built-in "Developer Tools" (press F12) that include a basic performance profiler for JavaScript execution.

Does anyone know of any other profilers/performance tools that work with IE? Thoughts?


Joe said...

Check out HTTPWatch.

Apps said...

Apart from HTTP watch, Fiddler is a good one for IE

Apps said...

IBM Page Detailer is one more

Henrik Gammelgaard said...

Fiddler with "neXpert Performance Report Generator" can be used if you are into getting Firebug/YSlow functionality working with IE.

Nick Tulett said...

Google PageSpeed

VS2008 Team Test