January 29, 2009

Pylot Testimonial - Easy Setup for Web Load Testing

(Pylot is a an open source web performance/load testing tool I developed)

I just saw this post from Mark (f4nt) about load/performance testing Confluence (enterprise Wiki software). He briefly talks about performance tool selection and why he chose Pylot as his tool.

Load Testing Confluence

"A small part of my problem of getting my tests rolling was finding a test suite that suited my needs. There’s a ton of potential options such Grinder, Bench, Browsermob, WebInject, HttPerf, funkload, and so on and so forth. I do want to use BrowserMob, just because it’s incredibly slick, looks easy to use, and looks to be quite reliable. Unfortunately, it’s not free though, and my budget for this testing is currently $0 :). My big problem with a few of the load testing applications is that they were a major pain just to setup, and get rolling. JMeter kept crashing, and was more effort to setup than I wanted to deal with. Grinder, again, didn’t seem to have an easy setup method. Granted, I could have made either of these work, and it wouldn’t have killed me. The fact of the matter was though that I just don’t have time to deal with these items. While I am doing these tests for work, I’m mainly doing them off hours because that’s when I have time to actually do it. Hence, I wanted something that could give me basic statistics, that I could setup quickly, that was free. Considering my slant towards open source software and python, the application I would use being written in Python and being GPLed were bonuses.

That brings us to Pylot. It’s free, it’s released under the GPL, and it’s written in Python. As a bonus, the tests are simple to setup, the result output is usable, and making modifications to the application was easy as well. This allows me to quickly create test scenarios and pound away at the application I’m testing with little to no fuss whatsoever. Creating tests is just a matter of modifying a simple XML to place the URLs you wish to hit. You can have post requests as well without any major trouble. Whatever it is you want to do, seems to be quite plausible in the grand scheme of things. Then, when you run into something you can’t do, modifying the code itself to make it do what you want isn’t hard at all either."

Thanks for using and giving props to Pylot, Mark!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the exposure, you and Pylot deserve it. Unfortunately I was getting out of the testing space when you started releasing publicly.

Corey Goldberg said...