December 29, 2008

When Will I Officially Switch To Python 3.0?

I've been writing code in Python 3.0 (3000) this week. It feels really nice. Basically the same old Python, with some corners cleaned up and reorganized.

I have tons of legacy code to support that is written in 2.4/2.5, so I still need to keep my hands in Python 2.x for quite a long time. But when will I switch over all new projects so they use Python 3.0?

Well the answer is: as soon as my 5 favorite libraries work with Python 3.0. Here is what I'm waiting on:

I have no idea when these will be ported to work with 3.0. Hopefully I'm not waiting *years* for this.

When are you switching or migrating?


Wyatt said...

I'm waiting on Paste, Pylons, SQLAlchemy... the whole default Pylons stack. Also, IPython and Wing IDE. I haven't checked whether any these are already 3.0 compatible, but I'm guessing most aren't

Unknown said...

Are we comparing stacks now? Here's my stack.

Basically pysqlite (then Storm), Twisted+zope.interface, Nevow, RDFLib, and simpleparse. Hypy I can port myself.

Anonymous said...

Psycopg2 + Django

Anonymous said...

waiting until my distro integrates it into their package management. For as many reasons as one can think of, but most of all time.

Anonymous said...

Corey, You have good test coverage for these code bases, then they are not legacy at all. Hopefully you will switch or migrate soon.

Corey Goldberg said...


I'm not quite sure what your comment means. can you rephrase?

Anonymous said...

I'm not waiting on anything, although I'd like to see pygments and docutils ported so that I don't have to run documents through a spawned 2.6 process. I did a quick hack to Markdown to move it over, but most of our docs are ReST.

saluk said...


but mostly I'm waiting on everyone else to switch :)

Anonymous said...

Might want to wait for 3.0.1 and see if they (devs) have finished their debate on whether to roll in the deprecations that were supposed to be rolled into the original 3.0 and other fixes (removing bsddb kind of stuffed up shelves, etc.) or if they are going to wait until 3.1.

Most of the dev discussions around this are on what type of "message" will it send to the community to release certain changes under 3.0.1 or 3.1 and how it will impact peoples "image" of 3.0. Minor stuff to you and me but important to determine if you will wait ~6+ more months to get what will be the closest release to what 3.0 was supposed to be or in an almost ready to fire off 3.0.1 release.