December 9, 2008

Python - Trying Out NetBeans IDE

I normally don't use an IDE for Python development. The majority of my day is spent inside my SciTE editor.

However, Sun recently released NetBeans IDE 6.5 for Python, and I figured I would give it a try. So far I really like it. The Python support works well. It has syntax highlighting, code complete, debugger, integrated console, etc. Overall, it is a comprehensive and nicely designed IDE.

NetBeans is a full featured development environment and supports:
Ajax | C/C++ | Databases | Debugger | Desktop | Editor | Groovy | GUI Builder | Java EE | JavaFX | Java ME | Java SE | JavaScript | Mobile | PHP | Profiler | Python | Refactor | REST | Rich Client Platform | Ruby | SOA | SOAP | UML | Web | WSDL | XML

The IDE is written in Java so I thought it would be dog slow, but it's pretty snappy to work with.

I've decided I will try it for a week and then decide whether to use it as my main dev environment.

Anyone else using NetBeans for Python development?


Alex UK said...

I am currently using Eclipse IDE with pydev extensions and so far it was good. not brilliant but good enough. I am using it on linux, because I can't use Textmate there. But I would use anything with textmate on mac. I think you can say it about your SciTE.

Brandon Corfman said...

I've been trying Netbeans out for a short while. I like it. It's easy to use and easy on the eyes. The built-in SCC tool is well done. The import and unused variable warnings are really sweet. I also like the way it fills in method parameters for you. It reminds me of PyDev without all the Eclipse trash and the "bolted-on" feel.

Its autocomplete, shell and class browser could use some more work, but it's a pretty solid job for a preview release.

Anonymous said...

I currently using Netbeans and Vim for my current python web development.

Althought it has some issues I don't like as it does not show the files in the main packages or that you can't filter some kinds of fields I pleased to work with it.

Code completion is smarter than the Eclipse+IDE one, I like very much how templates work.

It also works like quit well on my PPC 64 running on IBM JDK. Eclipse+pyDev has lots of problems running on this system.

So I'm giving Netbeans a chance and actually I'm quite happy with the election.

Jonathan Kohl said...

I've been using it for Ruby dev, and Komodo for the tiny bit of Python dabbling I do. I'll have to give it a try, it would be nice to consolidate Java/Ruby/Python in one place

Patrick Lightbody said...

A friend of mine is using it for PHP development and is really starting to enjoy it. I do wish that IntelliJ IDEA would support more languages - I find it to be the most well-polished IDE out there.

Anonymous said...

VIM all the way. I have tried all these IDE's and if you are a hard core keyboard user the first second you place your dominant hand on a mouse you are inefficient, like it or not. These IDE's teach you to be a care bear mouse user that is inefficient.

Yes, you can code fold, track variables, etc and do lots of other amazing things. For very large projects I completely see the need. For instance, 1000+ lines of code.


Chris Adams said...

I've been using NetBeans for Python, Jython & jRuby. It's the best option I've found on Windows but it really has usability issues - e.g. the spastic switching between output windows when deploying a web app means that it hides compile errors, keyboard focus has a substantial random element and the UI doesn't always sync well so you can get error indicators in a margin or file badge which don't show up if you hit the "Next error..." hotkey.

The verdict: it's good by Windows standards but I'm still using TextMate on my Mac for serious work until they get some UI polish.

Anonymous said...

I hate PyDev, som Im looking forward to trying out NetBeans. Another IDE well worth checking it is WingIDE. It costs money, but it's very good and the developers are friendly

joerooney said...

I am using netbeans specially with tkinter but ttk import is not working can you please tell me what might be going wrong