May 6, 2009

Scripted Testing Isn't Just Following Scripts

There is an ongoing (or dead horse, depending on your perspective) about "scripted" vs. "exploratory" testing.

I happen to refer to "scripted testing" as programmatic testing. You use programs, scripts, and tools to augment/enable your testing. You can explore a system with your toolset if you want. That is an example of doing exploratory testing with scripts/programs/tools.

The debate seems to overlook that definition and defines "scripted" as just following a number of predefined steps. I think this is the wrong definition and the wrong argument.. or maybe I just don't get it... or maybe I'm confused by the ambiguous definitions of scripting.

I don't see it as a boolean. I think of it terms of a spectrum and somewhere along that programmatic/manual continuum is where you work. Exploratory testing can fall in many areas of the spectrum and you can do it manually or programmatically.

That is where the argument breaks down (IMHO).

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