March 6, 2009

Pylot Version 1.21 Released - Open Source Web Performance Tool

I just did a release of Pylot, the open source web/http performance tool. You can download it here:

New features in Pylot 1.21:

  • new HTTP transport layer, using urllib2
  • new blocking mode (stdout blocked until test finishes, results are returned as XML)
  • added redirect following
  • re-implemented cookie handling
  • compatible with Python 2.6 for Windows
  • new HTTP debugging mode
  • new global config file
  • better message logging
  • misc bug fixes

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! Special thanks to:

  • Vasil Vangelovski
  • Adam Smith
  • Mark Ransom

Most testing was done on Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux 8.10.

If you have any problems to report, please post to the discussion forum at:

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